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  • Hebrew Font Gallery Deluxe for DavkaWriter
Hebrew Font Gallery Deluxe for DavkaWriter

Hebrew font gallery deluxe for davkawriter

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Hebrew Font Gallery Deluxe contains a winning collection of 30 unique, high-quality Hebrew fonts that add flair and pizzazz to any work. Hebrew Font Gallery Deluxe includes exquisite Hebrew fonts designed by Shmuel Guttman, master font craftsman of Jerusalem.

What makes Hebrew Font Gallery Deluxe truly unique is its full complement of vowels and cantillation marks. DavkaWriter users can easily access these special characters directly from within DavkaWriter.

Please note: These fonts are not compatible with Hebrew Word or other Hebrew Windows programs that work in a right-to-left direction.

Take a look at the fonts you get with Hebrew Font Gallery Deluxe:

System Requirements:
PC with Windows XP/Vista/7/8, DavkaWriter.

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