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School Pricing

Site License Information:

  • If your school needs multiple copies of DavkaWriter, Site Licenses offer a cost-effective solution.
  • Purchase your first copy of DavkaWriter at regular price, and then purchase Site Licenses for as many additional copies as you need at a significant discount.
  • Site Licenses are for school use only.
  • One Site License per computer.
  • Site Licenses can be purchased for teachers to use on their own personal computers, but the teachers may not allow those licenses to be used by other family members or for any non-school purpose, even if the teacher pays for their own site license.
  • If a teacher is using a DavkaWriter Site License and leaves the school, they must remove the Site License from their computer immediately.
  • Teachers who need to use DavkaWriter for other family members and/or non-school purposes can purchase their own full copies at a reduced price.

To purchase Site Licenses, contact Davka's School Sales Department by clicking here or call 773.583.2333. Please be prepared to provide the number of computers for which you will need site licenses.

What if we already have site licenses for older versions of Davka products?
You will need to upgrade your existing site license, and you can then purchase additional licenses for additional computers.

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