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  • DavkaWriter 7 for Mac - Site License
DavkaWriter 7 for Mac - Site License

Davkawriter 7 for mac - site license

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Compatible with macOS Sonoma!

Site License Information:

NOTE: This item is only available to schools that own at least one copy of DavkaWriter purchased at full price.

  • If your school needs multiple copies of DavkaWriter, Site Licenses offer a cost-effective solution.
  • Purchase your first copy of DavkaWriter at regular price, and then purchase Site Licenses for as many additional copies as you need at a significant discount.
  • Site Licenses are for school use only.
  • One Site License per computer.
  • Site Licenses can be purchased for teachers to use on their own personal computers, but the teachers may not allow those licenses to be used by other family members or for any non-school purpose, even if the teacher pays for his/her own site license.
  • If a teacher is using a DavkaWriter Site License and leaves the school, he/she must remove the Site License from his/her computer immediately.
  • Teachers who need to use DavkaWriter for other family members and/or non-school purposes can purchase their own full copies at a reduced price.


DavkaWriter 7 for Mac is a specially modified version of our renowned Hebrew-English word processor that brings a rich set of Hebrew word processing features -- including perfect nikud and trop placement, Hebrew-English spell checker, on-screen Hebrew/English keyboard, and built-in Jewish text library -- to your Macintosh. We've partnered with CodeWeavers, makers of the popular CrossOver Mac product, to create this special Mac-friendly version.

DavkaWriter 7 for Mac has most of the look and feel of a Mac program, and it uses familiar Mac keyboard commands -- Command-P to print, Command-S to save, etc. While there are elements of the program that resemble its Windows origins, the program is easy to learn and use.

DavkaWriter 7 for Mac features:

  • Mac pull-down menus
  • Mac installer that installs DavkaWriter Mac to Applications folder
  • Files are saved in DavkaWriter folder in your Mac's Documents folder
  • Uses Mac print drivers for standard printing and PDF export

DavkaWriter 7 for Mac includes most of the features that come with the regular DavkaWriter 7 for Windows, with the exception of thematic borders.

If you have DavkaWriter documents that you created on your Windows PC, they will open seamlessly in DavkaWriter 7 for Mac and go back to Windows just as easily. And if you're new to DavkaWriter, you'll enjoy the ease of use, convenient switching between Hebrew and English, and built-in text libraries including Tanach, Mishnah, Siddur, and Parashat HaShavua that have made DavkaWriter famous worldwide.

Built for Hebrew from the Ground Up!

  • Switch languages with a click
  • On-screen Hebrew keyboard
  • Nikud and trop align perfectly
  • Hebrew-English spell checker and individual word translator
  • Wide variety of Hebrew fonts, all with nikud and trop
  • Support for shva-na, kamatz katan, and chataf-kamatz
  • Search and replace for nikud and trop
  • Individual coloring of nikud and trop characters
  • Look up Tanach and Mishnah by book, chapter, and verse
  • Hebrew/English footnote and page numbering
  • Hebrew/English sorting
  • Hebrew/English dates, using Jewish or secular calendar
  • Built-in Text Library and clip art included!

DavkaWriter 7 includes vowelized Hebrew texts, integrated into the program for instant access:

  • Tanach
  • Weekly Torah readings & Haftarot
  • Rashi on Chumash
  • Mishnah
  • Siddur
  • Also includes 350 photos and Judaic clip art images

Flexible and Powerful!

  • Open and edit DavkaWriter files on your Mac that were created with DavkaWriter for Windows
  • Create files with DavkaWriter for Mac that can be opened on DavkaWriter for Windows
  • Draggable document tabs for efficient on-screen organization
  • Multiple object selection
  • Zoom Slider adjusts page zoom instantly
  • Drawing layer -- place all graphical elements anywhere, with a variety of text-wrapping options
  • Use text boxes to place text and flow it from box to box
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts, toolbars and menus
  • Place footnotes into their own set of columns, independent of the main text columns
  • Drop caps -- by the letter or by the word
  • PowerStyles -- control font, style, and paragraph automatically
  • Select by Style -- change only the text that's in a specific font, size and style

System Requirements:

Mac with 4 GB RAM, OS X 10.8 or higher. Compatible with Mac OS Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks.

NOTE: DavkaWriter Add-ons (DavkaWriter Dimensions, Master Teacher, Hebrew Font Gallery Deluxe, and Signature Hebrew Font Collection) are not yet compatible with this version.

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