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Since I upgraded my Mac operating system, DavkaWriter 7 doesn’t work. What do I do?

Versions of the DavkaWriter Mac package older than 1.0.20 will not run on Macs running the El Capitan, Sierra, or High Sierra operating systems.

Please click here to get the newest version of the DavkaWriter 7 Mac package.


How do I install DavkaWriter add-ons in DavkaWriter for Mac?

The following DavkaWriter accessories can be used with DavkaWriter 7 for Mac:

  • Aruch HaShulchan
  • Davka Decorative Font
  • Davka Selichos
  • Davka Transliterated Haggadah
  • Davka Transliterated Machzor
  • Davka Transliterated Siddur
  • Davka Transliterated Tehillim (Psalms)
  • DavkaWriter Dimensions II
  • Haggadah for DavkaWriter
  • Hebrew Font Gallery Deluxe
  • Hebrew/English Siddur for DavkaWriter
  • Kinot for Tisha B’av
  • Master Teacher Professional for DavkaWriter
  • Siddur Edot HaMizrach for DavkaWriter
  • Signature Hebrew Font Collection

To install any product other than the Transliterated series, go to the DavkaWriter Mac menu at the top of your DavkaWriter screen and choose Install DavkaWriter Extension. Navigate to your installation disk (if you have purchased a disk version) or the downloaded, extracted folder (if you have purchased a download version) and locate the “Setup.exe” file. Double-click that and it will launch the installation for your add-on product.

You will need to exit and restart DavkaWriter for the add-on product to be available.

Transliterated products are provided as document files only that do not need to be installed. They can be opened in DavkaWriter using the File -> Open command.


I’m trying to run DavkaWriter 7 on my Mac but it crashes when I start it. What do I do?

If DavkaWriter on your Mac crashes with the following error:
“The program davwrite.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

the most likely cause is that DavkaWriter needs a printer to be installed on your system. If you don’t have a printer installed on your Mac, DavkaWriter won’t run. To solve this, you can install a free virtual printer called CUPS-PDF from here:


Once this has been installed, go into System Preferences -> Print & Scan and add this as your default printer. Run DavkaWriter and it should work fine.


How do I save a DavkaWriter document as a PDF?

In DavkaWriter for Mac, the PDF export is a button at the bottom of your File -> Print box.

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