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  • The Transliterated Tehillim
The Transliterated Tehillim

The transliterated tehillim

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The Transliterated Tehillim contains the text of the Psalms in English transliteration in DavkaWriter, , PDF and RTF formats. The transliteration follows the Sephardic pronunciation. This compilation is perfect for beginners' services, synagogues, youth groups, and individuals. The text is clearly arranged and marked, and can be used with other existing Davka Hebrew texts to create worksheets, prayer services, and study guides. 

The DavkaWriter version also includes a two-column linear version, with the Hebrew text on the right side and the transliterated text on the left side. 

System Requirements: 

PC with CD-ROM drive, (for CD version of program), DavkaWriter 6 or 7 for DavkaWriter version, or any RTF-supporting word processor or
Mac with OS X and DavkaWriter 7, or any RTF-supporting word processor (for RTF version)

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